packet pack‧et [ˈpækt] noun [countable]
1. a small container, usually made of paper, with a set of things in it ; = PACK:

• United Biscuits produces 5 billion packets a year.

packet of

• Supermarkets withdrew thousands of packets of chocolates after discovering a production error.

• Under a direct-marketing promotion, Quaker Oats sent out packets of coupons to 18 million homes.

ˌpostal ˈpacket
a container made of paper or card, used for sending goods through the post; = MAILER AmE:

• enquiries about a lost or damaged postal packet

2. a small plastic or paper package containing a product in liquid or paper form; = SACHET:
postal packet of

• a packet of tomato sauce

3. COMMERCE FINANCE a set of related things or services which are offered or sold together; = PACKAGE:
postal packet of

• He advised the firm to buy a packet of Jacobs Suchard shares to facilitate the takeover.

• We are putting together a packet of services from various parts of the bank.

4. COMPUTING a unit of data that is sent over a computer network such as the Internet. Packets that belong to the same file can travel over differentRoutes and be joined together again when they arrive
5. cost a packet informal to cost a lot of money:

• It can cost a packet to use a mobile abroad.

6. a set of documents kept together between the same covers:

• a 200-page packet of documents

7. TRANSPORT another name for package

* * *

packet UK US /ˈpækɪt/ noun [C]
UK COMMERCE a small paper or cardboard container used to hold goods, or the contents of the container: »

an empty cigarette packet


He ate a whole packet of biscuits.

US COMMERCE a very small container for holding a small amount of a liquid, sugar, etc.: »

a packet of ketchup

Compare SACHET(Cf. ↑sachet)
(US also mailer, UK also postal packet) COMMUNICATIONS a special envelope or container for sending things that can easily break, have an unusual shape, or are very small: »

In general, cigarettes, alcohol, and aerosols must not be included in postal packets .

US (UK pack) a collection of documents that have been put together as a set: »

An information packet is available for customers on request.

IT a collection of data that has been put together as a set: »

The X .25 interface breaks the datagrams up into 128-byte packets.


All data sent over the internet goes in data packets.

cost/pay/make a packet — Cf. pay/make a packet
See also PAY PACKET(Cf. ↑pay packet), POSTAL PACKET(Cf. ↑postal packet), WAGE PACKET(Cf. ↑wage packet)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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